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MoneyPolo has a new queen

The finale evening took place on the 28th of September 2014 in the representational hall Dong Do in the SAPA cultural and business center Prague Libuš. The evening was devoted to the most beautiful Vietnamese in the Czech Republic. Miss MoneyPolo was selected thanks to the Internet voting on the website www.moneypolotalent.com. Le Ha acquired 22 012 out of the 53 407 votes, and received a prepaid card with the value to 15 000Kc from the CEO of MoneyPolo, and main sponsor of the event, Nikolay Rozhok, along with the MoneyPolo crown.
She was born in Vietnam but has lived in the Czech Republic from the age of 2. She studies graphic design, and enjoys art, traveling and spending time with friends. She registered for the contest after receiving lots of incentive from her friends. She views her participation as a challenge and a great new experience.


MoneyPolo donated prepaid cards worth 5000Kc for each of the winners of the accompanied disciplines, and cards worth 10 000 to 25 000Kc for the 3 most beautiful girls.The title of Miss Sympathy was awarded to Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, who sang a song from the movie Titanic during the talent discipline. Pham Huynh Thien Trang, also known as Monika, won the title Miss Photo. The winner of the Internet voting for Miss MoneyPolo, and first runner up for Miss Vietnam, is Le Ha. Nguyen Thu Trang was the second runnerup.The overall winner of Miss Vietnam Czech Republic 2014 Open for Europe, who also received the titles Miss Talent, Miss Fashion and Miss Ao Dai, was Hana Mai, who was born in Ostrava.

This is your last chance to vote for Miss MoneyPolo!

Only 10 days left to vote for Miss MoneyPolo. The winner will be announced on the 28.09.2014 – the evening of the Miss Vietnam Czech Republic 2014 Open for Europe finale. The occasion will take place in the representational hall Dong Do in the SAPA cultural and business center Prague Libuš. Support to your favorite contestant! You can follow the progression of the voting at www.moneypolotalent.com. Win a $50 prepaid card from MoneyPolo if you are an 1000th voter or a ticket to the finale gala if you are the 50 000th, and witness the coronation of our beauty queen!



Vu Thi Thuy Linh, the current Miss Vietnam of Czech Republic, will award the winner with the crown

Miss Vietnam shares that she was urged by her mother and sister to participate in the contest. She is shy and not very competitive, and was hesitant to take part in the competition, but today she has no regrets. She charmed the jury with her beauty in 2012 and was pronounced Miss Vietnam Czech Republic.
Since childhood, Vu Thi Thuy Linh and her sister enjoy singing. At the age of 15, they joined a group from Huong Son and performed at weddings, celebrations and festivals. However, 4 years later, Vu Thi Thuy Linh no longer has time for it, and since winning Miss Vietnam Czech Republic, she performs only occasionally. She is currently dedicated to other projects that emerged from the competition, and thanks to this, she has had the chance to improve her Vietnamese skills and experience Vietnamese culture firsthand, and, as she puts it, ” finally shyness fell a little bit down from me”.
What she remembers most from the competition is the week before the final event, when she, along with other contestants, had chance to meet and talk with Karel Gott, and be a guest in a Czech Television program. As ironic as it sounds, her favorite discipline ended up being swimsuit promenade.
And what is her message to this year’s finalists? “Girls do not worry too much, everything will be alright. Even I, who fear everything, got through it. Take the competition as a way of understanding and gaining new experiences. Work towards you goal, although there will be many obstacles. If you never face your fears you will never accomplish anything. I am so happy I got to know you all and I look forward to seeing you in September. Never hesitate to contact me. You are amazing girls and I wish you the best of luck.”

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How to get a $50 prepaid card

If you are lucky enough to be an 1000th voter for Miss MoneyPolo, you will win a prepaid card from MoneyPolo worth $50.

Read the following instructions to know how to collect your prize:
You have to set up an account at http://moneypolo.com/ and complete the verification process. Upload your ID and your home address. For more details of our terms/conditions please go to http://www.mayzusfs.com/en/faq/moneypolo-account/opening-a-verification#faq_id_92
As soon as we verify your documents we will give you your virtual Mastercard prepaid card. Once you receive your card you must activate it though the system control account via preference Prepaid cards > Activate card. Following successful activation please contact us so we can upload financial assets on your card.






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If you are already a customer we will load the financial assets on your existing card.

Vote and get your prepaid card!

Voting for Miss MoneyPolo is half way through. Vote and win!

You still have the chance to vote for Miss MoneyPolo – another category of the Miss Vietnam contest. We are now half way through, and until the 28.9.2014 you can still vote and get the chance to win a prepaid card. To this day we have had 25000 visitors to our www.moneypolotalent.com site supporting the Miss MoneyPolo finalists. 25 voters have already won prepaid cards worth $50. There is not much time left so vote for your favorite and win a prepaid card!



Missha is the official supplier of online voting Miss MoneyPolo

MoneyPolo made an agreement with a cosmetic brand Missha – missha.cz (misshapraha.cz) and it became the official supplier of cosmetics for the online voting for Miss MoneyPolo. Missha is a very popular Korean cosmetics brand in the world, which offers a wide range of body and decorative cosmetics. Read more All the finalists of Miss Vietnam will get their cosmetic packages and the winner of Miss MoneyPolo will be awarded with a large Missha cosmetics set worth of $335.



MoneyPolo as the main partner of the Miss Vietnam gives the contestants presents during the main evening

All the participants of Miss Vietnam who will win some of Fast Track Events of the competition will receive prepaid cards from the main partner – MoneyPolo. The categories are: Miss MoneyPolo, Miss Photo and 8 other challenging events. Learn more about our great card project at moneypolocard.com.


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What to Wear On The Grand Event? Definitely Áo dài!

The finalists are already preparing for the main contest event. There are still a lot of trainings and fittings ahead, held by the organisers, however, the most important is the sowing of the traditional evening gown, the Áo dài (pronounced „Au Zai“, meaning “long shirt”). The Áo dài is a national costume – a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons and dedicated to special events. If you have ever flown in Vietnamese airlines you will be familiar with the Áo dài, as it is the flight attendants uniform. In Vietnam, it is tradition to wear a white Áo dài on the first day of high school and to the graduation ceremony.



The Crown Awaits Its Queen

The finalist who obtains the most votes will be the winner of Miss MoneyPolo Online Voting and will receive the MoneyPolo crown on the 28th of September in Dong Do restaurant in Prague (SAPA cultural centre). The crown was created by Olga Kapalova, a jewellery artist and the founder of Šenýr Bijoux. In addition to this one, she also created the crowns for Miss Vietnam Czech Republic and Miss Czech Republic. The beautiful sparkling green crown, inspired by MoneyPolo corporate elements, will emphasize the beauty of our winner. Vote here!



Over 12,000 Voters From All Over The World and still 6 weeks of voting left!

2 weeks after the launch of the contest at moneypolotalent.com, the number of votes and page visitors has already reached 12,000. Every 1000th voter wins a MoneyPolo prepaid card with $50 on it and we already have 12 winners, with many more still to come! Vote and win here!